Lords of Acid 11-3-2017

Greetings my little Darklings and Snarklings!

I just wanted to talk a little bit about a concert that I went to Friday 11-03-2017. The headliners were Lords of Acid. Pretty great right? What really sold me was the fact that Combichrist was going to be playing and I am a fan of their work. It just has interesting beats and who else will say things like "This shit will fuck you up" on their band t-shirts?

So here's how it goes:

We (Me, Batsz, and G-man) get to the venue relatively early so we can poke around, socialize, check out what's going on. You know. Normal procedure when arriving that early. All three of us are dressed up in goth clothes. I helped G-man learn to put his liner on. Batsz had me jab him in the eyes with it (Ha!). I wanted to make sure they knew how to do it on their own.

First band is already playing. Three of the members had face masks or paint on, and the other band member was just like... Total straight guy. The band was called God In A Machine. They did some pretty good music. Very industrial. Lots of noise. I loved their song "Grinder" because the lead singer took a metal bar attached to his crotch and used a grinder to shoot sparks everywhere. It was really fucking cool. Two thumbs up for these guys.

Next band up is this band called Night Club. Their bass was so heavy during the setup for their set and I was kind of nervous that they would just overwhelm me. Not so. The duo had some really good songs, I can't quite remember names of them. I had heard some of them before, in fact. But they were pretty good.

Then, was En Esch, which apparently had members of KMFDM in it. Batsz and G-Man really liked it, but I'm a fan of slightly different music. I did enjoy some of it though. My favorite thing to do is guess what they're saying in German, since I am teaching myself German for fun.

Up next was MY personal favorite, Combichrist. They put on such a good show. They were all over the damn stage and the beats were awesome. They played two songs that I absolutely love and all three of us were singing along to them with all our little hearts. It was magical. Everyone said that this was a really awesome show from them.

Finally, Lords of Acid. I'm slightly disappointed in them. This was my first time seeing them and Batsz and G-man were bragging on what a great show they put on. Their show seemed a bit tired (it was the final show of their tour I guess) and at the end they just kind of stopped playing abruptly. I was told two different reasons, one being they were stopping because they had a meet and greet and the other because there was a curfew. Either way, I doubt I'll see them again live, but I'll still be listening to their music.

And that's about how it went. Sorry I didn't get to update it until today.

Much love,
Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

Little Bit of Samhain

Hey there my Darklings and Snarklings!

Guess what? Samhain is coming up!!! Or for you non-pagans or people who do not wish to celebrate Samhain, you have Halloween! Or even Dia de Los Muertos. That's a thing, too. :D

So since most of you know about the other two, I'm going to talk about Samhain a little bit. It's a very important holiday to pagans, at least the ones that celebrate more Celtic traditions and such, that celebrates the final harvest before the winter months.

Fun fact: Samhain is when the veil is the thinnest between the worlds. That means that spirits of all kinds are easily accessible. Unfortunately, ALL kinds are available. This means that you have to be careful if you choose to work with any of them or want to work with any of them.

I would like to say that if you do choose to do spirit work on Samhain, please be extremely careful. You never quite know what you're going to get.

I can't say I have much to say. I enjoy Samhain, and having a feast for my ancestors. I leave a little offering for them that night and do what I can for them as if they were alive.

It's not too bad.

If you have questions, feel free to ask! I'm full of information.

Lots of love.
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

Short Candy Corn Nails

Greetings Darklings and Snarklings.

So I thought I'd show you a little bit of something that I do every year for Halloween. It's a simple thing because I can't really do a lot of things with my nails (I'm not very coordinated). So, here's some pictures of what I had going.

So number one you are going to have to get your white, orange, and yellow nail polish. It helps if you have a liner for the white.

The next step is to add your yellow to the bottom of the nail (or the top if you feel like doing it in reverse. no harm there, I just prefer to do mine with they yellow at the bottom).

Next up is the orange. I put some of it on the yellow and some of it on just the plain nail so you can kind of get the transition effect.

And finally, just put a little white line on the top (or bottom) to show that part of the nail to be the end of the candy corn.

My lines are not so great, but you can try and show me how you did!

Lots of love,
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

Gel Liner Crusty? Try This!

Greetings my little darklings and snarklings!

I just wanted to show you all a little tip with makeup.

So I have this problem with gel liner that it seems to gum up and crust up after a little while. After doing some research, I learned a really cool thing: You can fix it.

Check this out!

All you need is two things (besides your gel pot):

A toothpick and eyedrops.

These are the before pics of my gel pot. Behold how absolutely crusty it is.

Now, add the eye drops. Two to four are fine. Make sure to poke about four to six holes in the gel with the toothpick to give it time to seep in a little bit.


As you can see in the last photograph, It's very liquid-y and very awesome. You can pat it down into a more manageable form with probably some wax paper or something. I didn't pat mine down so that I could grab things a little bit better with my gel brush.

Anyway, thought you all might want to know about this nifty trick. Eye drops can also restore your regular eyeshadows and things. You just have to know how much to add. I'll probably bust up some eyeshadow and show you guys how to do it sometime soon, just for fun. I know you guys will enjoy it, like I do.

Goth it up with some amazing gel liner!!

Have fun guys.
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

The Extroirdinary Goth Tag

 Hello my little Darklings and Snarklings. It's time for some more getting to know you stuff. I found this tag on youtube and decided to bring it on over here. It may already be a tag on here, but I haven't seen it yet so I'm going to do it. Here we go.

1. How long have you been identifying as Goth? Pretty much most of my life. I was raised by bikers/hippies who really liked watching horror movies (Hellraiser in particular) and watching the surgery/medical channel while we were eating dinner. The macabre is all around.

 2. What was your first encounter with the Goth subculture? Probably when I noticed some people at the mall walking around. I wanted to be like them but I didn't know how to do it. Then I "discovered black" as my mom likes to tell the story (she's very fond of it and it IS hilarious). It all went haywire from there.

3. How many items of crushed velvet clothing do you own? Oh man. I don't know. I know at least one skirt that I wear to work all the time. It's penne I think so it's pretty washable.

4. What is your favorite/least favorite Goth clothing staple? I'd have to say my favorite clothing staple is a parasol or fan. My least favorite clothing staple? Oh man. I don't know. I really like pretty much everything.

5. What widely accepted Goth band can you not stand? Probably Skinny Puppy, but I'm not sure if they're classified as goth or industrial or what. Please don't hate me. They sound like noise (and I have misophonia).

6. In the Goth subculture, there is a lot of death imagery. What meaning does this hold for you specifically, if any? Hmm.... death imagery. Yeah I don't care. I'm pretty much a nihilist. Sure I believe reincarnation happens. Sometimes. Probably. But for the most part everything is pretty pointless. Oh, and it's probably going to hurt.

7. What is your favorite piece of Gothic literature, and can you name your three favorite characters from Gothic lit? Hmmm.... I mean, the typical Edgar Allen Poe. I honestly don't think I know that many gothic characters. I tend to read weird shit or paranormal shit. Oh, and pagan shit. Lots of pagan shit.

 8. Who are your three favorite Goth bands/artists?  Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Birthday Massacre, and Wolfsheim

9. What are your three all-time favorite songs to dance to in the Goth club? "Kiss them for me" by Siouxsie and the Banshees, "People Are People" by Depeche Mode, and "Sparrows and the Nightengales" by Wolfsheim.

10. What is the funniest encounter you have ever had with someone in response to your Goth appearance? I've had people ask me if I was going to a play in a pizza restaurant. Around Christmas. What the heck play would I be in when I am in full on white face with black lipstick and stuff.... around Christmas. Am I the Ghost of Christmas Past or something? I dunno. I thought it was amusing. Especially since it was the owner of the establishment and he wanted me to get a picture with Santa Claus. Life is funny.

Well, there's some stuff to look at. It's not crafty, but it's about me. And sometimes you like to know about the person behind the crafts. I hope you see the humor in what I do. I also hope that you don't find my beliefs offensive. I'm pretty open to everyone's beliefs. There are a few I don't care for, but that's normal. C'est la vie.

Lots of love little batlings,
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

Mabon Celebrations

Holiday greetings my little Darklings and Snarklings!

Today is a very important day! Today is the pagan holiday of Mabon, also known as the Autumnal Equinox. It is one of the four throughout the wheel of the year. It is the day when the sun and the moon are in complete balance. Light and darkness are in complete balance, basically. Everything is alright and things are all good.

It is the second harvest festival/holiday on the wheel of the year. The first holiday is Lammas, of course, and the third and final harvest day is Samhain, which most other people will recognize as Halloween. They just so happen to happen on the same day. After the harvest festivals are your light and brightness festivals and holidays, like Yule (Which is the pagan version of Christmas, really). I've heard of this holiday being referred to as the "Witch's Thanksgiving."

I did some research into some other things about the holiday. It turns out there are a few deities who reign over this holiday, including Hecate, Demeter, Dionysus, and Tammuz. Each one of them are kind of over a different aspect of the day, but most people pick a female and a male deity to worship or pay their respects to.

Today is about the harvest and finding things to finish up. Finishing projects and finality. This way you balance things out in your life and express how thankful you are for them. It seems strange, but now is the perfect time to honor the darkness as well. You might find that a little strange (especially if you are the "lightworking" type) but if you think about it, we wouldn't have light without the darkness. Not all darkness is pain and evil.

Of the things to finish up, some examples would include:
  • cleaning the house
  • craft projects
  • ritual ideas
  • songs
  • decluttering your life of various things
  • money making projects
  • harvesting crops
  • ... and many more! 
The list is endless and could go on forever. There are so many things that you could finish today (or soon enough).

So I wanted to wish you all a Happy Mabon and may your harvest be bountiful.
-Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

My Fellow Crafter: Screaming Demon Crafts' Dice Roller

Hello my little Darklings and Snarklings!

It's time to share something I think is really cool. My boyfriend is the owner of Screaming Demon Crafts and he wanted to make sure you all saw what it was he has been up to.

This product that I am about to show you took him about 12 hours to make (grand total). He worked really hard and used a bunch of different interesting materials. Everything is handmade and hand painted.

These are images of what he has been working on: 

What you see here is a custom dice roller for roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and even Pathfinder. Heck, there are so many different types of role playing games that you could use them for. Oh~! You could even impress people when you are playing Yahtzee or Bunco!

If you are interested in purchasing something from him, you can find his products on ebay at:

Screaming Demon Custom Dice Roller

Check it out!
Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

Glitter Pumpkin DIY Challenge

Hey there my little Darklings and Snarklings!

I was on my lovely Amino app on my phone and it asked us to do a weekend challenge with glitter. So I decided that I would do a simple but cute little project with some things that I have around the house and a LOOOOOT of glitter. Glitter's got such a bad rap, but I still like it. Yes I'm goth, leave me alone. LOL

So for my little glitter pumpkin I needed to use the following tools:

  • 2 empty toilet paper tubes
  • mod podge
  • a small stick
  • black paint
  • translucent glitter
  • scissors
  • newspaper to put down
  • a plate to transfer things on
  • a paintbrush
  • some yarn or twine to tie it together

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Paint your toilet paper tube or paper towel tube whatever colour you want. I used black paint so it would match the rest of the decor of my house.

 Step 2: Cut your tubes into little rings. This step is hard to do without bending them slightly. Mine bent quite a bit so I had to "fluff" them. Also: You do not have to have a cat like it is included in my picture. That's just one of my cats, Cotton Puff, who likes to help.

Step 3. Tie your string through the center of your rings. It will help if you can get them to sit adjacent to each other. If they each have their own room to sit, they will look more pumpkin-y. I used a grey yarn. You can see the knot just in the back of my pumpkin.I did a square knot. After that, take a hot glue gun and your stick and glue it in/through the center where all the rings meet. Make sure that your rings are in a really nice order~!

Step 4: Now it's time to do the glitter. I put a piece of newspaper down first, and then I put down a plate to catch the glitter so I could reuse whatever fell off and didn't work. Use the mod podge or elmer's white school glue (you could use glitter glue for an added effect I bet) and a paint brush to brush the glue or podge on. Then pour the glitter onto the spots that have the glue or podge.

note: I added more glitter on after I was done with this layer and it looked more like this:

Step 5: Allow to dry and enjoy the final product! You can make tons of these little guys for holidays like Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, or even Thanksgiving! I bet you could make some really ornate ones for Dia de los Muertos.

Doesn't it look cute? I love pumpkins. I might make a pumpkin pie with real pumpkin this year. Or maybe a pumpkin cake. Good stuff!

Happy crafting!
Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind The Darkest Designs

Bat Wing Headband Tutorial

Hello my Little Darklings.

Today I'm bringing you my first crafting project on this site. I decided that I wanted to do a project that would go along with the GIY theme for this month, which is "Things with Wings." I came up with something that is dear to my heart; Headbands. I love wearing goofy stuff on my head, so this sounded like the perfect time to make something absolutely silly, and still able to be gothed up, depending on how you make it. I didn't make mine too out there. I used really simple materials that you can get just about anywhere.

Here are my Materials (some not shown in picture unfortunately):
  • thin eva foam
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • low temp hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • headband
  • butcher paper or something to make a paper pattern
  • mod podge
  • ruler
  • box knife or exacto knife


Step One: Make pattern for the wings to attach to your headband. You can make these in any shape you want, but I chose to do a bat wing for my head. (The purple tentacle is my favorite pen)

Step Two: Cut out the pattern.

Step Three: Trace onto foam.

Step Four: Cut out the foam shape. You can do this with a sharp knife or the scissors. Be careful!

Step Five: Score the foam around the base so that it has a large v shape. This v shape will make an excellent reservoir for the hot glue that we will be using.

Step Six: Hot glue the scored area together so that it is at a 90 degree angle.

Step Seven: Mod Podge the wings to stiffen them up and so that the foam holds paint. Otherwise, the foam will absorb the paint and it will not look as cute.

Step Eight: Wait for about 15 minutes to dry each time you put a layer on. I did a layer on both the front and the back.

Step Nine: Paint on the Details.

Step Ten: Glue the wings onto the headband and wait until it dries. Then enjoy the end product!

Hope you guys enjoy! I'd love to see your versions. Please feel free to send me links or comment below. I can't wait to see what you have going.

Lots of love,
Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs

30 Facts About Myself

Hey there Little Darklings and others!

I thought if I gave you some random facts about myself that you might like to get to know me better. What better way than to do the little fact post about things I do and like. I can't wait to share all of this with you. You guys are super amazing. As Jimmy from South Park says, "Man. What a great audience."

Here we go.

1. I speak a variety of language, but I only speak three of them relatively well. English (of course), Spanish (I know enough to get me in trouble, but not enough to form coherent sentences), and now German (I can introduce myself and count and do a little flirting thanks to DuoLingo). The other languages that I know are French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. The latter languages I only know enough to ask where the bathroom is and how to find it. Also, I know some American Sign Language. It's super handy. I love doing it and helping people out.

2. I really love helping people out. I always feel that if I needed a hand, I would want someone to be like me and help out. It's like that quote says, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I live by that quote.

3. I work at Joanns. I do a lot of crafting and I refer to myself as a Hobby Hoarder. Ha!

4. I like to make my own clothing. I'm not particularly good at it, though.

5. I read the Tarot and other divination methods. My favorite divination method is the Black Mirror and also the Tarot. It's kind of a toss-up on those two.

6. I am Goth. Obviously. I consider myself to be a combination of Romantic, Nu, Trad, Lolita, Corp, and Casual Goth.

7. My favorite game to play is "Guess the Goth Band." If you ever ride in the car with me, you will find yourself playing along with me.

8. I have a loving boyfriend who goes by the name of Batsz and Ex Mortis. He is an Elder goth. He is also 15 years older than I am. We find that time is just something to tell where you were in time and has nothing to do with how romantic you are.... Unless of course you are underage. We don't like pedophiles obviously.

9. I am pagan. I follow a Hedgewitch's path. I do a lot of herbal crafts and things to mess with around the house.

10. I make most of our incense, besides the Nag Champa that we buy at one of the local new age shops. Our favorite smells are Nag Champa (obviously), Darkest Sandalwood (from a store I will not name), and my version of a Christmas/Yule scent called "Dragon Breath." I'm considering selling or posting the recipe for it.

11. Most of my favorite people to talk to are all online. I used to chat with people all over the world in various chat servers and all of my best friends are all over the US or in other countries. I have very few people who are in my local area who are my friends.

12. I have a bad time with wanting to edit everything. I do not like bad grammar and spelling, even though mine isn't exactly the best. If I see an obvious error, I try to fix it or I point it out.

13. I watch the news in the mornings in a very specific order. My favorite Newscaster is Mitch English on what is our channel 25 Fox news in the morning. He is hilarious and always has something snarky to say (which makes my little goth heart happy).

14. Most of my family is from the East Coast. I don't think I have family past the midwest.

15. I play the flute, the guitar, and the keyboard. Unfortunately, I only play the flute well. I know how to play my school's fight song by muscle memory.

16. I am Plus Sized and my favorite store to shop at for clothing is Torrid, which is owned by the people who also own Hot Topic. I do a lot of my clothing shopping online on stores from overseas. It's hard to get just the right size, but as someone who knows my measurements by heart, that makes it much easier.

17. My old goth name is the stereotypical "Raven." The story behind it is that when I was in high school, my two friends and I decided that we would all have nicknames. Because I was the most stereotypical goth in our school, the decided to name me Raven The Omnipresent because I was such and also I was continually popping up literally everywhere all over the school. It was hard to get away from me.

18. My new goth name is Vyvyan Wormwood.

19. My actual name is Jet. (I won't be posting the long version of my name, as that is rather personal. This is what everyone calls me at work and other things)

20. My favorite television show is RuPaul's Drag Race.

21. I am genderfluid.

22. I am Asexual.

23. I can smell colour and feel music. It's an interesting experience.

24. I have Misophonia; A rare condition that causes me to become blackout angry or blackout sad. There are a few things that trigger it and cause me to become violent. Over the years I have learned to sort of control what I can of it with Mindfulness training.

25. I love cosplay and I used to cosplay all the time when I was younger. It was a fun way to use my sewing and crafting skills and also have a really great time with my friends. I also plan on getting back into it.

26. I love chainmaille. I'm not particularly good at it, but I love doing it. It's rather soothing.

27.  I used to hate clowns because a large inflatable costumed one almost stepped on me when I was younger. I find this to be a valid reason for being afraid of them. "Looking creepy" has nothing to do with it and I find that ridiculous. #sorrynotsorry

28. I have several blogs and social media to keep up with as much as I can. It's amazing. Social media is like magic.

29. I am an Empath, and can feel emotions over the internet. It's a rather handy skill.

30. I can't wait to get to know my audience better. You people are all very amazing and it's cool that you will get to know me some.

Feel free to drop some questions for me in the comments and I will answer them whenever I can.

Thanks friends!
Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind the Darkest Designs


Hey there little minions!

I'll be starting up with some of my crafting supplies soon. I have paints, yarn (I'm learning crochet), fabric (I mostly make patterns, but I try to make actual clothing. I'm bad at making quilts), beads, and some wire. I also have a ton of ribbon (tons. mostly Easter though...).

My question for you is, "What would you like to see me do?"

The monthly challenge on Goth It Yourself is "Things with Wings," and I am going to try to do something along those lines. I was thinking something maybe steampunk or something cute to do with bats. A lot of people are doing stuff with bats, since it is around Halloween (my favorite holiday!).

So leave me a message and see what kind of things you want me to try to attempt.

Enjoy your day!
Vyvyan Wormwood
The Mind Behind Darkest Designs

P.S. You can find Goth it Yourself at the following link: Goth It Yourself

Lords of Acid 11-3-2017

Greetings my little Darklings and Snarklings! I just wanted to talk a little bit about a concert that I went to Friday 11-03-2017. The hea...